What love looks like

The last couple of weeks have been a journey in discovering who I am. There is this flaw that I have where when life is hard, I shut it away and put it in a box. If my life were a story written out on the pages of a book, imagine that and take out […]

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new seasons

I went to England aching for alone time. Needing to escape the stench of rotting relationships and wanting to leave conflict and drama an ocean away. I did that, and I found the silence I needed. I found the thin spaces where I could clearly see God’s craftsmanship as a Creator. The landscapes, the freedom, […]

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5am intimacies

***I wrote this 5 months ago, but I think it deserves to be put up*** I am a college student twenty-one days from turning 20-years old and oh boy has this been quite the journey. The past six months have been some of the most eye-opening and vivid experiences in my life. I switched out […]

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