this is gonna hurt

Oh, Rebecca. You knew it would be this way. You knew what would happen when you asked to see what God sees. This is what it looks like when you ask God to show you the world the way He sees it. This is the consequence when you ask the Lord to break your heart for what […]

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No one actually needs you in their life. They just want you for what you can give them. You are not significant. Once you stop being useful, you will no longer be wanted. There are so many better people out there than you, why would anyone ever want you as their friend? Look at how […]

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To my best friend.

Dearest heart/most intimate friend/sister/future maid of honor, Here is my daily reminder to you painted out for all the world to see: I love you. You are so beautiful both inside and out, and your heart is one of the biggest I’ve ever seen. I am constantly overwhelmed by how much you care and love […]

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You deserve to be loved

***This is to a specific person in my life, you know who you are. But I hope whoever else is reading might be able to receive from this as well. Dearest Friend and Sister, I just wanted to remind you that you are loved and cherished deeply by your Creator. The hands that fashioned the […]

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