we gon be alright

Dear Punk,

You and I both don’t receive affirmations well, but try to soak this one in okay?

I appreciate you a lot. I don’t think you understand how deeply I have learned to cherish your friendship. If I’m honest I’m not sure what our relationship was going to look like at the beginning of this semester, so I gave you to God. In return He has given us a second chance at friendship with one another. This time we get to exercise the new traits of patience, forgiveness, and overflowing love that comes from Christ Himself this time around. I think we can nail it on the head this time.

You were a huge part of my growth these past few years. YESSS things were really really rough, like stale beef jerky rough. But God pulled us through and we’re breathing in clean air. I like how reconciliation looks on us, we’re glowing.

In talking to you today all I could think about was how in awe I was of your growth. In seeing your heart today, I can see the work that God has done through you. Your love for Him, and the love you are receiving from Him is overflowing and spilling out. I don’t know how to say this well, but I see a spirit of stillness in you… but not in a bad way, you still have your boundless energy and joy… but you seem more at peace, more settled in who you are as a child of God.

You’re lighthearted. You’re free. You’re joyful. You’re serious about your walk with Jesus. You’ve come far, and I’m so glad that I have gotten the privilege of witnessing that.

Thanks, by the way for speaking into my deepest insecurities about being unloved and left behind. I know I don’t receive words well, but I did receive that. Thank you for always being able to understand my heart. I felt like I was rambling today, but you totally got what I was saying, and I really appreciate that.

Thank you for understanding how amazing Pride and Prejudice is. Thank you for fueling my adventures. Thank you for worrying about my safety. Thank you for promising to support me. Thank you for always showing me beautiful (and if we’re honest not so beautiful) music.

Thanks for being the realest.

With all my love and more,

The other Punk ❤

-Soli Deo Gloria

***For anyone other than Punk reading this, if you take anything away, take note of the fact that shattered things can be made new in Christ. Broken relationships, deep hurt, bitter anger… all of this can be washed away with the flow of Jesus’ love. Nothing is too broken or dark or ugly for Christ’s light to reach. Reconciliation is possible. Peace after disaster is achievable. With God, anything is possible. My friendship with Punk is testament to that. Be blessed, friends.


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