fear, again

Dear Fear,

Hello friend it’s good to see you again. You always come unexpectedly, just when I thought you were gone. Today you came in the form of twinges of sadness as I said goodbye to my friends who were going home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Today, you greeted me at the door as I walked into a completely empty and silent house.

Then you accompanied me to my room as I began to look over the remaining projects I had left for this semester. You reminded me that the semester was coming to a close and that I would soon be graduating. Then you brought up the topic of post-graduate life and the fact that I could very well be moving to Riverside next year. You rambled on and reminded me of Thailand, and that I was going to have to find some way to pay off that trip as well as the loans I had acquired from England last summer… THEN TO TOP IT ALL OFF, you reminded me that if I really did go to nursing school I would have to go long distance from everyone I love.

Thanks, thanks for that. Thanks for creeping in when I didn’t want you around. Thanks for disturbing the peace I had coming in thinking that I could finally just relax and unwind… I know you keep me on my toes and help push me towards productivity, but can you please just give me some space?

I’m already missing people, I don’t need you to add stress to my life today. Please come back later. Thank you.


Rebecca Jean Verona

-Soli Deo Gloria


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