The hope is that every year more and more of these will be crossed off.

  1. Bee keep
  2. See the floating lights
  3. Watch the sunrise on a mountain
  4. Blankets and stargazing
  5. Sunrise on a beach
  6. Pay for someone’s order
  7. Catch a bouquet at a wedding
  8. Get a tattoo
  9. Get a new piercing
  10. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  11. Wander around Scotland
  12. Redeem Paris
  13. Go on a completely spontaneous trip
  14. Roadtrip across America
  15. Take a walk in the rain
  16. Dance in the rain
  17. Learn a Filipino song
  18. Wear traditional Filipino clothing
  19. Learn to longboard
  20. Hold a hedgehog
  21. Ride a horse again
  22. Study abroad
  23. Go to Thailand
  24. Visit the Holy Land
  25. Have an airport reunion
  26. Visit the P&P filming locations
  27. Find a field of sunflowers
  28. Have a nerf gun fight
  29. Fall in love
  30. Learn Tagalog
  31. Go to Hobbiton in New Zealand
  32. Make curry
  33. Dye my hair red
  34. Visit the Tangled castle in France
  35. Have my own home
  36. Adopt
  37. Go ice skating
  38. Go rollerskating
  39. Wear traditional clothing of another culture
  40. Visit Stonehenge
  41. Visit the Eiffel Tower
  42. Walk on the moors
  43. Help lead someone to Christ
  44. Change someone’s life
  45. Move in with a friend
  46. Move out of home
  47. Go to seminary
  48. Go wine tasting
  49. Throw a surprise party
  50. Surprise someone with flowers
  51. Plan a date and execute it
  52. Be proposed to
  53. See fireflies
  54. Visit all 50 States
  55. Inspire someone to be better
  56. Build a snowman
  57. Stand under snowfall
  58. Hold hands on the 4th of July while watching fireworks
  59. Have a bonfire with friends
  60. Graduate college
  61. Get a job
  62. Go on a date
  63. Dance with someone
  64. Be comfortable with dancing
  65. See Sara Bareilles live
  66. See a Broadway show
  67. Get a promise ring
  68. Go to Verona, Italy
  69. Be a penpal
  70. Conquer long distance
  71. Vote
  72. Swim with dolphins
  73. Travel around Canada
  74. Visit my birthplace
  75. Hold hands with someone
  76. Be kissed on the cheek
  77. Save my first kiss for my wedding
  78. Cuddle
  79. Go swing dancing
  80. Cook a meal for someone
  81. Make good coffee
  82. Make a blanket fort
  83. Visit Pompeii
  84. Travel to another country with friends
  85. Jump into a leaf pile
  86. Tend a garden
  87. Be published
  88. Make a time capsule
  89. Go on a boat ride (SWAN BOAT!)
  90. See swans
  91. Visit the Seven Sisters Cliffs
  92. Go tandem biking
  93. Bike through Central Park
  94. Bike through Hyde Park
  95. Have a song written for me
  96. Go to an aquarium as an adult
  97. Get a love letter
  98. Stand under falling cherry blossoms
  99. Meet a famous YouTuber
  100. Go to Disneyland with friends
  101. Learn self defense
  102. Climb a tree
  103. Have someone win a me a carnival animal
  104. Win a singing competition
  105. Complete a photo album
  106. Spend a romantic Valentine’s Day with someone
  107. Get a care package when I’m sick
  108. Cry with someone I’ve had a conversation with
  109. Be a part of a wedding party
  110. Watch my close friends get married
  111. Be in a flashmob
  112. Release baby turtles
  113. See the milky way
  114. Go to a formal dance with a date
  115. Go whale watching
  116. Learn sign language
  117. Hold a newborn baby
  118. Visit Anne Frank’s house
  119. Be able to say “I love you” romantically
  120. Paint a room
  121. Write someone a song
  122. Plant myself in a new church
  123. Listen to someone’s heart beat faster
  124. Create/maintain a blog
  125. Let my hair grow to the small of my back
  126. Stay at a hostel
  127. Stay at an AirBnB
  128. Play dress up with kids
  129. Fly a kite
  130. Float on the Dead Sea
  131. Go to a spa
  132. Spend a weekend in Bath, England
  133. Memorize an entire book of the Bible
  134. Speak in church
  135. Go cave diving/rafting
  136. Karaoke party with friends
  137. Sing karaoke in front of LOTS OF STRANGERS
  138. Go clubbing
  139. Go to a pub
  140. Go to a bar
  141. Conquer my fear of heights
  142. Go wedding dress shopping with someone
  143. Be a guest lecturer
  144. Learn to swim well
  145. Make pottery
  146. Visit the temples in Cambodia
  147. Travel first class
  148. Finish a journal
  149. Have my own personal library
  150. Splash in fountain
  151. Rope swing
  152. Tire swing
  153. Carve my initials into a tree
  154. Walk across Abbey Road
  155. Visit King’s Cross station
  156. Go to the the Swiss Alps with my mom
  157. Go to the Rain Room and Galaxy Room in LacMa
  158. Add a lock on a bridge
  159. Go a Broadway stage
  160. Be a Disney Princess
  161. Go to a music festival
  162. Regain my shamlessness
  163. Go to Comic Con
  164. Go to a butterfly sanctuary
  165. Go zip lining
  166. Live in a different country
  167. Cry from happiness
  168. Try archery
  169. Go on a ropes course
  170. Crowd surf
  171. Stand over the equator
  172. Step in a place where states meet
  173. Stand in the middle of Paris
  174. Stand in the place where all the timezones meet
  175. Ride the London Eye
  176. Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty
  177. Write Thank You notes to all my friends on Thanksgiving
  178. Rely on public transportation
  179. Go scuba diving
  180. Go to the 9/11 Museum in NYC
  181. Go to NYC by myself
  182. Revisit Portland and Seattle with friends
  183. Meet a famous author
  184. Play in a ball pit
  185. Be surprised by a speech or a dedication
  186. Visit Mount Rushmore
  187. Rent a cabin with friends
  188. Plan a date for my parents
  189. Give my parents a comfortable life when they retire
  190. Cry on someone’s shoulder
  191. Slow dance on a beach
  192. Maintain the close friendships I have now
  193. Decorate my own real Christmas tree
  194. Be able to identify birds
  195. Build Ikea furniture with someone
  196. Drink eggnog
  197. Flip a pizza
  198. Watch all of Friends
  199. Have a Gilmore Girls themed party
  200. Meet a celebrity
  201. Read to kids
  202. Dress my own family up in a group costume
  203. Watch a meteor shower
  204. Surprise slow dance
  205. Visit all my friend’s childhood homes
  206. Have a yearly reunion with friends after graduation
  207. Wear the traditional clothing of every country I visit
  208. Christmas lights tour

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