catering to myself

A friend asked, “How does Becca cater to Becca?”

Finding ways for me to rest have never been easy for myself. But in the past few days I’ve had no other choice but to force myself to look for rest and comfort.

And so in the past few days I’ve found myself drawing the people I love close to me and just basking in their presence. Even as I write this now, I’m sitting in a class that I don’t belong in just so I can be in the presence of a friend I love. I can’t be alone, or I can, but I just don’t like it.

What else what else…. I like making playlists of music that are relevant to my mood at that moment. I have soooo many Spotify playlists, and I love it. It’s a way to express my love for music and also organize things. That’s the organizer in me geeking out.

I write too. Obviously, you’ve seen this blog. And I have another one where I just process raw thoughts. I think there’s something powerful about trying to turn the things in my head into phrases that immortalize them. I have my blogs, I have journals full of scribbles and hand lettering and art. I have hundreds of notes on my phone of snippets of how I feel. Anything I can do to tangibly get my thoughts out of my head, I will do.

There are other times I need to just choose out. I loveeeee being with people I love, but if you ask me to interact with people outside of that inner circle, and my soul is tired, I have to say no. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean I don’t like those people, it just means I need to give myself space to rest.

Naps. I also just need to nap sometimes. Naps are heaven sent. There are moments where I just need to wrap myself in a blanket, snuggle by a pillow, and knock out for an hour.

And if I’m feeling extra adventurous, I get in my car, pick a destination, and drive. Sometimes it’s just to a body of water, to a park… other times I find myself on Hwy 59 or Yosemite. It just depends.

So to answer your question, Joce… this is how I cater to myself. This is what I do 🙂


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  1. Jocelyn Ngo says:

    *smiles* Touch upon these, make time for these things. They are important. We should learn to cater to ourselves before we can cater to others. If the extrovert side comes out, bring friends on those adventures (Friends including me), share the music (with me), take naps with others (Others meaning me) lol I love you, Becca. Cater to yourself.


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