Good Friday thoughts

I’ll be honest, I pretty much forgot it was Good Friday until I read this blog. And honestly I just want to cry as I sit and write this in class. A line stood out to me: Today, everything falls away and there is only Jesus for me. In His presence, my numb, angry heart […]

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to Calvary, once more

God, where are you? God called me to make a choice this weekend, a choice I didn’t want to make, and a choice that I knew would deeply hurt someone I loved. But after arguing with Him, and after even asking for a physical sign which He gave, I obeyed. As predicted, the consequences of […]

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I’m lost. If someone were to ask me to describe 2017 so far I would give them the illustration of me in a boat drifting in an ocean. There’s no wind to push my sails, there’s nothing solid I can push my oar against, I don’t really know how to navigate, and I’m running low […]

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