pre-Thailand jitters

Bags are packed. My plane outfit is laid out ready for me to slip into at 3am. TV shows caught up on so that I don’t wonder what happened for 5 weeks. But now I’m just sitting here, jittery, feeling butterflies in my stomach as the clock ticks down on my time left until I […]

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coming clean: a diagnosis

My name is Rebecca Jean Verona. I am 21 years old. I am a college graduate. I am a Christian. I am a daughter, friend, co-worker, girlfriend. Newly, I have been diagnosed with major (or clinical) depression and anxiety. I start my medication tomorrow. Phew. Wow, it feels good to be real about a part […]

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catering to myself

A friend asked, “How does Becca cater to Becca?” Finding ways for me to rest have never been easy for myself. But in the past few days I’ve had no other choice but to force myself to look for rest and comfort. And so in the past few days I’ve found myself drawing the people I […]

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My co-workers asked me what my love languages were. They were surprised when words of affirmation was at the bottom of my list. I wanted to process that more: I have a huge distrust of words, which is weird considering I use words to process things. I write to process through things, I write to express […]

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missing England

It could be the holiday blues. It could also be the fact that friends left for home this past weekend… It could just be that England really left a mark on my heart… But I miss England. I spent a good portion of my evening yesterday watching videos and scrolling through photos of my 2 […]

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