The Shortest Autobiography Ever Written

I am the only living child of my two lovely parents here on Planet Earth. In my eternal home I have siblings partying it up with the angels and my Heavenly Father, and I cannot wait to embrace each and every one of them.

I am also a Filipina that is learning to redeem her identity in Christ as an Asian-American woman.

I live in a teeny town that I am in love with and will always come back to (even though everyone else here just wants to get out as soon as possible). There is something comforting about knowing that when you walk into your favorite bookstore, you’ll be greeted with a new recommendation from your favorite employee; or that when you make your morning run to your local coffee shop, your favorite barista will have your drink written on the cup as soon as they see your face. I think that these are the little things that give spark to life, and I am so grateful that my hometown is full of moments like these.

I am a Public Health major whose greatest (current) academic ambition is to get a Masters in Public Health Nursing. See me in five-ish years ministering to women and children who are being exploited by human trafficking.

My life goal is to bring the Gospel to people all over the world (from my little town, to the far reaches of Thailand and Cambodia).

Currently, you’re probably going to find me guzzling down cups of coffee, while listening to covers of hymns, while trying to juggle the read of the day, all the while trying not bump into people while heading to my next class.

~Soli Deo Gloria, friends.