Disclaimer (read this first)

Becca… what is this. Why are you making a blog? Are you trying to be hip and trendy? Becca, your writing STINKS, whatareyoudoing???

I know, I know. I am not a writer. At all. I have awful grammar, awful prose, and I write like I speak (which is terribly). My mind is all over the place, and I am a flawed human being. But I wanted to make a blog so that I had a place to put my thoughts.

But Becca, why not just write in a journal then?

Okay, well firstly, I do write in a journal. But I want this to be a place where I can openly declare things so that I can have some accountability over whatever it is I am saying. Secondly, if there is something that anyone could possibly learn or gain from my sloppy thoughts, then I am willing to be a little vulnerable online for that purpose.

Okay, so how often can we expect content from you?


Mmmm, Becca, I don’t agree with what you’re saying.

Let’s talk about it! I admit, I am imperfect (definitely). My theology is also flawed, I’m sure. So allow me to learn from you, I’m willing to grow.

Why the name “Courage, Dear Heart”?

Haha, because I am terrified out of my mind that there is a possibility that people could be reading the things I write. And I like C.S. Lewis. I’ll write more about it later.


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