I am poem

Backstory. We were given a template for a poem that we were supposed to complete at Jessica’s House. I honestly really wasn’t feeling it. So for about 10 minutes I struggled to scribble down phrases that sounded pretty together. I knew I wasn’t going to volunteer to read it anyway, so why even bother? Then […]

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to Calvary, once more

God, where are you? God called me to make a choice this weekend, a choice I didn’t want to make, and a choice that I knew would deeply hurt someone I loved. But after arguing with Him, and after even asking for a physical sign which He gave, I obeyed. As predicted, the consequences of […]

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where did my joy go?

Keeping true to my character, I’ve been running away from my problems. If I’m honest, I’ve been burdened heavily for the past week, and I couldn’t even tell you why. My heart was just heavy, and I was weary in every part of me… But I refused to process what was happening. I diverted my […]

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teach me how to say goodbye

I’ve never been good with goodbyes. I think I’ve always associated them with abandonment and the stench of a failed relationship. But I’m learning that sometimes, goodbyes don’t have to do with either of those two things. Sometimes goodbyes are ways that we transition out of seasons and into new ones, and sometimes, goodbyes are […]

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I’m lost. If someone were to ask me to describe 2017 so far I would give them the illustration of me in a boat drifting in an ocean. There’s no wind to push my sails, there’s nothing solid I can push my oar against, I don’t really know how to navigate, and I’m running low […]

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